A small project I am working on for FS9, KBLI

Happy Canada Day

Jon Gabbert


Hi Everyone. Happy New Year!

Below is an excerpt of what I posted in the CYVR Support Forum this morning:

“Glad you are enjoying the scenery, and let me thank you all for the wonderful response it has had since release. In about 10 days, the scenery has racked up just under 4000 downloads on avsim alone. I Couldn’t have imagined such a positive response! Thank you!

There will soon be a v1.1 update released which will address a number of issues:

+Textures: The update will include a number of reworked textures to better find a median point between quality and performance. This will include more DXT3 and 1 textures in place of 32bit textures, and some increase in mip mapped textures. The update will not be able to please everyone, as the original release couldn’t, but I am hoping this update will provide the right balance. Still expect to see 32bit textures at night, and on certain textures where I could not afford to lose the quality.

+Autogen Issue The update will include some sort of fix for the disappearing autogen issue some users have had.

+Gate Numbering During the beta, the gate numbers on B and C Pier were changed at the last moment to reflect the real airport as of this month. However, in a typical freeware development gaffe, the numbers were only changed on the ground, not on the buildings themselves. This will be fixed in the update.

+Little Things There are a few little things here and there that will be fixed in the update, like the odd incorrect taxi sign, street sign, etc.

+AES Support I am in the process of contacting Oliver and Aerosoft re: AES Support

Once again, thank you everyone for your support – I can’t express how happy I am that the scenery has been received as well as it has. Stay tuned for the update some time in the next couple weeks.

So that is where we stand with YVR at this time. Again, let me reiterate how pleased I am with the response from the FS community about the scenery, it really has been a labour of love and to see everyone generally pleased with it is very rewarding!

I am working on a couple other projects at the moment which are at various degrees of completion. I will post more about those when the time is right.

Jon Gabbert

Happy Holidays.

CYVR V1.0 has been released and is available on http://www.jgabbert.com and over at http://www.avsim.com. Happy Flying!

Jon G.

YVR As Of 23/11/11


Hi Everyone-

As some of you know and some of you don’t, CYVR has been in beta testing for a couple weeks now. I can report that things are going really well and it seems like it isn’t going to be a very long testing period. Once I have dealt with all the loose ends and packaged up the final version, it will be all yours.

In the mean time, I have set up forums for support and discussion of the scenery HERE . Feel free to register and discuss.

As always, thanks to everybody who has supported me along the way. It feels like I am coming very close to the end of a wonderful creative journey!


FSDreamTeam CYVR


Hi Everyone-

Congrats to FSDT for choosing YVR as their next FSX airport project. If it is anything like their other sceneries, it will be a beautiful project to behold.

Personally my take on flight simulation is that there is no point in bothering if the whole thing is a slideshow. FSX is a ~5 year old piece of software which to this day will not run satisfactorily even on the most up to date hardware. FSDT choosing to build CYVR for FSX gives me even more reason to not bother converting my scenery to FSX!

So, to answer all the questions I’ve been recieving lately about whether FSDT’s announcement changes anything…the answer is effectively no! you can continue looking forward to the release of my scenery.

Also, I am empathetic of the frustration many of you are feeling because of the length of time my project has been under development. I feel your pain, and have spent many years watching major developers make promises about release dates and break them time and time again. For an avid FS’er it is one of the most frustrating things! However, I am not a major developer. I do not have a team of experts taking photos for me, modelling buildings, editing textures etc. Its just me, and this is a hobby! Don’t forget, most of my time is taken up flying the damn things for a living (tough life)!!

Now, here are some YVR screenshots.

Have a great week!

YVR As Of 30/06/11


Hi Everyone-

Thank you for your continued patience and interest in this project. Life has been busy lately for me. I am typed on the Metroliner 3 now and am back on a somewhat regular schedule. I have been able to make more progress on YVR in the last few weeks, and I expect the project to be entering the beta testing phase in the next few weeks.


My Absence


Hi Everyone-

My apologies for not having updated the site in the last month or two. I have received tons of the usual positive feedback and I really appreciate the support the project has been getting from the community.

For the last couple weeks real life has taken the priority (as it often does), most recently in the form of learning to fly one of these:

I am of course still working on YVR, and will post new updates soon. Stay Tuned!

-Jonathan G.

Nice to have a few days off and do some work on YVR.

Those of you familiar with Sea Island will no doubt recognize the neighborhood in the screenshots below. Some of you eagle-eyed chaps may also notice that the scenery is now seamlessly integrated with FSAddon’s Vancouver+. More soon, happy holidays!

-Jonathan G.



Hello Followers-

Did a test flight today for the first time since the scenery was mostly silly colours and unfinished buildings. Things feel very near finished and after today I am longing for real life Vancouver. A couple shots:

Cargojet. More soon!